wet leaves

Raindrops on a Tuesday

Raindrops sound on the window pane woke me up this morning.  A pleasant feeling considering that I live in a place where it seldom rains.  The heater made the cold weather comfortable enough to sleep with just a regular blanket for cover.  I snuggle in and try to sneak in more sleep.

Tuesday is my day off work and it is today.  Sleep has escaped me.  It was still dark when I got out of my bed.  I looked out the window and managed a smile when I saw leaves and grass wet with rain.  The slow drizzle created a soft sound that can hypnotize, if you listen intently to it.  The smell of moist air tickled my nose and made me want to draw in deep breaths.

Raindrops continue to fall.  It wasn’t so early after all – only dark.  The rainclouds has obscured the sun.  I make my way to the kitchen to find the coffee maker ready to brew.  Dark liquid drip like raindrops captured in a stone cup wafting its aroma of wake-up call.  It tastes good!  The first cup wakes me up.  The second cup keeps me awake.  Staying in bed this morning and just sleep in was yesterday’s plan, but, apparently not anymore.

Raindrops fill the streets as I head out to deliver a precious cargo.  Driving becomes dangerous when it rains.  Just like driving on first snowfall, drivers become either too cautious or too reckless.  The cautious ones slow down traffic.  The reckless ones try to compensate for the slow drive and weave around traffic without consideration to safety.

Water ponds in the middle of the road, floods the curb, and seems to drown the sewer as it rushes in like waterfall.  It splashes on each side as vehicles drive through standing ponds.  Water ponding creates slick surfaces when it becomes too big and vehicles are driven too fast over it.

At last, my precious cargo has been delivered and I start the drive home.  It was quiet as I did not turn the music on and the rushing traffic now flows on the opposite direction.  I anticipated spending some alone time huddled inside the house on this cold, rainy weather.

There was a break in the rainclouds and the rain has stopped falling.  Something beckoned me and, on impulse, I made a turn for the nearest park.  It was deserted except for a few who have probably the same intention – walk the trails and warm the limbs.  The vegetations were all glistening and the air smelled sweet.  Too bad Momo wasn’t with me.  She would have loved running around and sniffing the wet grass!

park trail

The clouds returned and broke my idyllic walk with a downpour.  The water felt surprisingly warm as I was getting drenched despite the coolness of the air.  I should have worn a raincoat and boots and I could have continued walking under the rain.

I finally get home still wet and getting cold.  Momo greets me and runs circles around me with glee!  I change to warm, dry clothes and huddle in front of the TV with Momo.  I hoped for a long day of doing nothing.

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