cold January day

Planning for twenty eighteen

Twenty eighteen is here and it is time for me to start planning.  I did write about twenty seventeen and, as I was reviewing my work, I realized that I did good with my activities for the year.  I even decided then that I should do it again.  I should have added that, “I should do it again but better next time.”

So, what is it that I should do better next time?

The past two weeks has been a constant barrage of blog articles discussing ways on how to increase viewer traffic.  Apparently, I am not the only one suffering from the same dilemma.  Likewise, I also am trying to coming up with a plan to increase viewer traffic to my blog.

So far, I have had no success in planning something concrete.   Chris Runnels, in his article My Plan to Build an Audience, has written a plan that encompasses what I have been doing for the past few months plus a few more ideas.  There is always room to improve and Chris has provided some input.  Thank you, Chris!

I do think though that I should be more consistent with the quality and interval of my publications.  Twenty seventeen had been a good streak but twenty eighteen has been nothing but a blank wall.  The cold arctic blast that hit town didn’t help either.  All I have been doing is go to work, return home, and never venture out of the house for fear that I will freeze my nose off!

North Texas remains warm at the start of winter.  The rest of the country, especially the NorthEast, get their piles of snow but North Texas remains warm, with some cool days, at best.  These make for good days to be out in North Texas.  Good days to take photographs, too.

The first “cold freeze” arrives at around November but, even then, most of the days are warm to cool.  It doesn’t last very long because soon the series of cold arctic blasts becomes more frequent.  I, not a native resident of North Texas and a fan of the warm sunshine rather than the cold arctic air, become cooped inside the house.  Hmmm, it gives me an idea – these are good days to do indoor photography projects!

Cold pond in January
Cold pond in January


Ice on water
Ice on water

Today is a cold January day that I felt I really need to be out instead of spending the whole day inside the house.  I went out for a walk at a popular shopping center with my dog.  It was bitter cold for me and even the water on the pond had ice floating around.  There were bundled-up people all over the place as the center was starting to open up for the day and I thought that the scene was picture-worthy.

I hope twenty eighteen will be better for my blog.  I have read quite a few articles that outline the following – consistency of blogging, quality of blog articles, and catering to a target audience – as probable criteria to increase blog viewer traffic.  I hope I can find the magic button to increase my blog viewer traffic.  For now, I will continue to take photographs and narrate a story about the photograph.

Thanks for reading! Please share me your thoughts :-)