Thanksgiving meal

Thanksgiving celebration

Another year passed by and we are here celebrating Thanksgiving once again.  We participate in a holiday that was introduced to us when we set foot on our adopted country.  European pilgrims first celebrated this event after a successful harvest season in the new world.  Success in political and military achievements also became cornerstones to celebrating it.  Does the holiday of Thanksgiving hold the same meaning for you?

We left our home and settled in another country in search for a better future.  We left family and friends to become strangers in a foreign land.  We left everything we hold dear and sacred in exchange for a dream of a better tomorrow.

The years passed and we gradually worked our way into the dream.  We have expanded our horizon and we have  ventured into avenues that were not available to us before.  We gained new friends and some of our friends became our new family.  We have grown older and our children have grown bigger.  We look back and we can see how far we have gone.

Certainly these are enough reasons to be thankful!  So, just like the pilgrims, we celebrate Thanksgiving because we have achieved something we thought was unreachable  but somehow became available.  Through opportunity and hard work we have become what we are today and we are thankful!


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