lighted Christmas tree

An Enchant night: Christmas light display in Arlington, TX

The sun has set for the evening and we are ready for the drive to Arlington, Texas.  Enchant has created a dazzling display of Christmas lights to celebrate the season and we are going to check it out.  This site is right beside Globe Life Field , popularly known as a baseball park where the Texas Rangers play, and it is around one hour drive taking us through the main freeways of North Texas.

Arlington, Texas map
Arlington, Texas

Just like going to a ball game, driving to a parking lot and finding a parking spot was difficult.  We were not familiar with the surrounding area and darkness did not help in finding direction to a vacant parking lot.  The best way to find a parking lot is to look for it like you are going to a ball game.  Parking lot H was empty when we got there and it was just a short walk to Enchant.

Arch leading to Enchant
Arch leading to Enchant
Reindeer at entrance

The giant reindeers stands guard at the entrance and they are ablaze with lights.  Past the reindeers is the entrance arch leading to the ice rink, the entertainment area with live band, and the food trucks.  The Christmas light displays are arranged in a maze fashion and each section of the maze feature different multicolored Christmas light designs.  There is a challenge to find reindeers within the maze and a reward or token is given if all the reindeers are found.  I observed the faces of adults and children of all ages light up with amazement when they first see the light display.  Most of them stop on their tracks and look around with eyes wide open.  Most express amazement while looking around.  After a few minutes, they figure out that there is more to what they are seeing and start looking for other displays.

giant christmas tree
Giant Christmas tree

There are two giant Christmas trees and this is one of them.  It towers over the surrounding light displays.  It is quite popular as people take turns taking pictures and selfies of the Christmas tree.  I wonder how they are able to fit the Christmas tree in their picture while standing so close to it.  I had to angle my camera really high just to get part of it.

light tunnel
Follow me (to the light at the end of the tunnel)
rabbit hole
Into the (rabbit?) hole

The tunnel of light connects one side of the maze to the other.  It is also quite amazing by itself as it creates an illusion that you are in a closed tunnel and you can only see the end.  In fact, there are side exits that lead you to another amazing area of the maze.

light dazzle
Christmas tree through the tunnel.

I went outside the tunnel after I took this photograph and try to take a bokeh effect of the Christmas tree.  I saw from the corner of my eye two young ladies who were trying to cross in front of me and hesitated because they saw me taking a photograph.  One of them looked at the direction where I was taking a photograph and, apparently puzzled that there was nobody there, asked what I was doing.  I explained that I was trying to get a bokeh effect of the Christmas tree and I showed her the photograph.  She was impressed with what I was doing.  She, in turn, showed me her iPhone photos and pointed me to the direction of the hanging lights so I can take more amazing photos.

hanging lights
hanging lights
white lights
white lights

The hanging lights are past the tunnel and past the second giant Christmas tree.  The strings of hanging lights are inside a long barn-like structure and both ends of the structure can be an entrance or exit.  The yellow hanging lights adorn the inside of the structure from one end to the other.  The strings of yellow lights sway side to side as it gets pushed while walking through it.  Taking a photograph can be difficult as the swaying movement of the strings of light make focusing a challenge.  Right beside the barn with the yellow strings of light are crystal-looking spires awash with white lights.  The spires are lined in circular pattern with a hollow center.  The spires and the white lights creates an illusion of being in a brightly-lit crystal cave (like a sci-fi movie).

music and dance
Dancing to the music

Perhaps, this is the best part of the night.  Live band music playing on stage in front of long lines of dining tables.  Christmas music and popular pop music fill the air while people sit and eat.  Food trucks and food/drink stalls line the sides of this area.  People come and go and a festive atmosphere prevail.

We spent probably three hours in this place.  We were amazed, took lots of photographs, ate when we got hungry, and went home tired but smiling.  Good job, Enchant!



  1. Totally awesome!!! I thought I was reading an article and they just HAPPENED to take a shot of Kristine!!! AND Della??? Love it.

    • Thank you that you like it! This is George and I apologize. I haven’t finished ironing out the kinks with the blog site. May I know who you are?

  2. Very well said. This was a fantastic time and I’m glad we were able to make it. One of my favorite part was seeing baby girl run around and have fun, even though she was a little rowdy. The food trucks and shops are a must see and taste. Thank you for your post! I can’t wait for the next adventure!

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